Addictive Tools – Help Scout

Customer service can be hard to fit in when you’re always on the go. But, automating it can lose that personal feel your customers deserve. We went digging for a true customer service gem, a tool that would make it easier for you and one that you can rely on.

And, guess what?

We found one of the best customer service tools for businesses of all sizes.

Now, exceptional customer service is possible with…

Addictive Tool Name: Help Scout

Product Boosting Category: Customer Service


What’s the deal?

With Help Scout, you can personalize your online customer service inquiries without adding more work to your busy schedule by using pre-programmed commands to quickly assign repeatable tasks based on if/then logic. You can also create multiple mailboxes for each shared email address so you can work seamlessly across departments, or manage several products/brands from a single account. Plus, by setting a condition (what you’re looking for) and an action (what you want to happen), you can spend less time redirecting emails, and more time engaging with customers.

How much does it cost?

Try Help Scout on for size with a free 15-day trial. Paid accounts start as low as $8 per user per month.

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