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We are pleased to have 9.72 average rating and 42 EO engagements across the USA, Canada, South America, Africa and Asia with innovative content and high take-away value.

Right now EO Members need highly practical, relevant solutions to triage, reposition and pivot.
The feedback is they want content but also interactive Q&A to discuss their situation.

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For EO Chapters
Virtual Learning Events

For EO Virtual Forums
Virtual Guest Presentations


  • Zoom Webinar Format
  • Live Content Sharing with Slides
  • Live Interactive Q&A Session with Chat Managed by Our Team
  • Length: 30, 60 and 90 minute options based on Chapter or Forum event
  • Recorded and video provided to chapter for distribution afterwards
  • A docuent with all tools and resources provided to all participants
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Topics to Choose From (Or We Can Customize for You)

  • Virtualize and Automate Your Workforce: Keys to Management, Maintaining Communication, Culture, Execution and Accountability
    • With experiencing managing nearly 100 staff globally we have created a virtual working structure we can share and explain
    • Critical tools and protocols for collaborating, communicating, documenting processes, training, privacy/encryption, and more
    • Unique tactics to create and maintain “virtual team” culture to keep everyone connected
    • Protocols and templates to virtually manage team goal development, accountability, execution and meeting cadence
    • Simple tools and techniques to maintain leads and sales when working remote 
    • And more case studies and solutions to maximize performance of a virtual workforce
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  • How to Reposition or Pivot During and After Coronavirus
    • Templates and step-by-step solutions to assess your current team, skills, and abilities when making a major staff move
    • How to rapidly uncover and point your business toward markets and opportunities not affected or seeing growth from CV19 
    • Strategies and case study examples to identify surprising new market pivots for your business
    • Very low-cost and free ways to create content, generate leads, launch marketing and establish operations for repositions and pivots
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  • Redefining How Work Gets Done During and After Coronavirus with Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants and Tech Tools
    • Case studies and templates to navigate gaps left with recent staff shifts
    • Case studies of low-cost, high value projects in operations, finance, sales and marketing to use outsourcing and virtual assistants as a temporary “life boat” during transition 
    •  Review of all the best outsourcing platforms to find the best talent for specific functions
    • Free tools and tests to vet outsourced resources to ensure quality work and communication
    • More case-studies and examples of targeted use of these tools during a crisis to triage, reposition and pivot
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NOTE: All Information below is for our traditional “In-Person” events but we have left it on the page for reference on feedback and testimonials for what you can expect.

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EO Rating for This Workshop: 9.72

EO Engagement Summary:

  • EO Atlanta Member (7 Years and 6 Year Board Member)
  • Engaged for 27 EO chapters in the United States and regional/international events
  • EO Latin America and South America Regional Event (LACademy)
  • EO Virtual Learning Academy
  • EOx Speaking Series
  • EO 24×7 Global Learning Event
  • EO Europe Education Series
  • EO Octane Magazine 3 times featured
  • EO Inc Magazine Articles 2 times featured

Event Feedback from the Learning Chair Speaker Selection Team,
Organization President and Participants

A few of the actual written comments from participants noted on the Post Event Speaker Survey

Best overall learning event of the year

Lots of good stories of actual implementation.

Great take-away value.

Most take home ideas I’ve had from a learning event this year.

Actionable information about the subject to leave with and get started.

Great amount of information and Brad is actually using it!

Probably the most relevant learning event I’ve been to so far.

Really opens eyes up to the endless opportunities to link with very capable people.

Specific resources shared.

Good, practical information.

Highly impactful.

Energy was great and some solid ideas of what to implement!

Great energy and awesome practical approach to using a virtual assistant. I like that Brad has implemented what he talks about – actually walks the talk.

Great, practical content. Really worthwhile – thanks!

Hope to make the concepts a Game Changer for my business!!!!

Great content. Real applications shown.

Very actionable ideas and a great list of tools and best practices.

It was something I could begin immediately.

Great info and case examples were a big selling point. Strategies put into action hold more weight. Not just theory. Great stuff!

So many actionable ideas – the time flew by!

So many takeaways I can’t even list them all.

Excellent on the “how” and walking through implementation/application ideas.

So valuable.

Brad is actually implementing everything he talked about and gave us a list of best practices on how to do it ourselves.

Very practical. Ready to implement ideas.

You don’t know what you don’t know. The presentation leads to so many possibilities to optimize and modernize my business or create a side hustle.

This was great information, very productive.

Best learning event in a while for ideas to execute.

Brad was super engaging, and brought a ton of expertise. No fluff.

Brad conveyed a ton of actionable items. Awesome speaker!!

Great content and delivery. Extremely beneficial. Well done.

The practical approach and the coaching to start small were key.

Tangible, actionable recommendations.

Most new information I’ve heard in a while.

Tactical, actionable, with real-world skills development on how best to be a good buyer of new- economy outsourcing and virtual assistants.

It was super relevant to myself and probably to every member in the room.

Made using offshore/outsourced labor very practical and easy to understand.

Brad had some good take-aways I am working on implementing now.

100 year flood of resources to tap into and start using!

Redefining How Work Gets Done

Automate, Scale and Drive Profitability With Virtual Assistants, Outsourcing and Easy Tech Tools

A High Energy Workshop with Fresh Content and Strong Take-Away Value for EO Chapters

5 Key Takeaways of the Workshop

  • Why the new world of “on demand” global virtual talent is growing so rapidly, can be trusted, and is becoming the new vehicle for rapid scale
  • Step-by-step, case study examples of using virtual workers in multiple key business functions and understanding the difference between “tactical” resources and “virtual assistants”
  • The top platforms to find virtual workers and how to successfully integrate them into your organization
  • Best practices including organizational systems, unique technology tools, and protocols that make it very easy to communicate with and manage virtual teams
  • Development of an “Outsourcing Automate and Delegate Action Plan” based on growth goals and key roadblocks related to time, money, knowledge and resource gaps

1 Minute Highlight Video Summarizing the Workshop

“It’s tough to find speakers who deliver fresh ideas and excite our members. Brad delivered an outstanding presentation and our members kept him for an hour after the event wanting to learn more.” – Betsy McAtee., Learning Chair EO Birmingham

“That was the most beneficial learning event I’ve attended in my 6 years in EO! Thank you!!” – Ben Hubbert, CEO, Lead Hub & Champion AC

“I had no idea of all the things you could outsource so professionally and low cost by locals as well as overseas. I didn’t even know much of this existed.” – Leslie Kuban, Owner, FranNet

Discounted Speaker Multi-Chapter Tours Rates Are Also Available

Take Your Business into the Next Decade with
the Low-Cost, On-Demand Virtual Workforce

How progressive Entrepreneurs and CEO’s are leveraging a global network of high-quality, low-cost talent to gain an unfair advantage and outsmart the competition

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So often we bring in speakers that share great they but don’t give you the actionable steps to actually do it. Brad went through step-by-step what you have to do, how you have to do it, when to do it, and the resources to get it done.” – Thor Conklin, Founder and CEO, Peak Performers

“I was blown away by the usefulness of this seminar. Along with the savings, the speed with which my teams can get projects completed is amazing. We now have 25 outsourced projects underway after implementing what Brad shared.” – Ken Robbins, CEO, Response Mine Health

“We’re fortunate that our business is growing very fast right now and what keeps me up at night is whether we can we scale fast enough. That was one of the best sessions I’ve heard since being a part of Entrepreneurs Organization in addressing scalability that we can leverage at a very low cost….just an outstanding presentation by Brad. There were a lot of things I feel I can go back and execute with my team. I’m excited to get started .” – Jon Ostenson, Co-Founder and CEO, Freedom Suite Services

“Before attending this seminar we were going to spend nearly $30,000 on the marketing to launch a new product. We learned how to get it done for $3,100…and twice as fast.” – Sam Fuchs, President, iCare Financial

Members Are Engaged and Excited to Learn New Content They Can Implement Immediately

“It was an excellent, excellent presentation. From the feedback we’ve gotten from the room this has been a knock it out of the park workshop.” – Rob Dreesch, Founder, Brace International Holdings and Learning Chair EO Atlanta

“Brad delivers an incredibly dynamic, eye-opening presentation and his content is dead-on what our members want with takeaways they can implement immediately.” – Pramod Raheja, President-Elect EO Washington, DC and CEO of

“I didn’t even know it was possible to get virtual assistants this talented for $5 an hour to do our admin and follow-up tasks. The impact is going to be over $200,000 to the bottom line with cost savings and additional revenue opportunities created.” – Christian Dodder, Fire Protection Services

“We are now able to move 10 times faster on projects that had taken a back seat due to not having enough time or resource.” – Meenal Vashishat, CEO, Inspire Into Results

“Brad’s message is truly unlike anything out there. He shares through personal experiences instead of theories with an engaging energy that keeps the audience connected the entire time.” – Matt Granados, Former Learning Chair EO Atlanta, CEO of Altimaxx

“Brad was the top rated of over 200 speakers we’ve had in the last 19 years. It was remarkable to see the response from entrepreneurs and CEO’s of companies ranging from $1M to $250M as Brad opened up an entirely new world to them.” – Tom Cramer, The BrainTrust

“This was the highest value for my time more than any speaker this year.” – Dan Pahos, Former President of Entrepreneurs Organization Birmingham, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care

“We have already begun to outsource some projects and have seen fantastic results. We got an entire market analysis done for $150 in one week. Just incredible.” – Larry Allen, VP of Marketing, ExploreFLO

A Few More Comments from EO Members and Learning Chairs

A seismic “work revolution” is upon us. Early adopters are gaining an unfair advantage and outsmarting their competition. Are you one of them?

Startups to Fortune 100 companies are outsourcing work to the “instant gig global economy.” On-demand freelancers and firms perform work that once cost thousands of dollars for only a few hundred – and in half the time.

The cost savings, high quality and speed of execution are remarkable.

How is this possible? Millions of trained professionals in the U.S. and worldwide are accessible at a click of your mouse. With minimal overhead, they deliver high quality work at very low cost― and fast.

“By 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. This on-demand work, instant gig economy is moving more and more into independent professionals using mobile and technology to create ecosystems of work they enjoy.” – Brian Rashid, Forbes Magazine

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Brad is also the author of The Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth has also been published twice in EO Octane Magazine and the EO Inc Magazine Blog.

About the Workshop Presenter

Brad Stevens is a lifetime entrepreneur and is the CEO of Brad Stevens Training, an international education, advisory and consulting firm offering innovative approaches to growth including Outsourcing Mastery. As a lifetime entrepreneur, Brad has helped build multiple 7 figure businesses in domestic and international markets including physical products, services, B2B and B2C. He uses highly innovative and cost-effective growth strategies to build businesses and his current organization helps firms understand how to leverage these techniques. His company also publishes the Top 200 Tools to Fuel Business Growth.

For his work with startups to $100 million firms, he has been featured in Inc Magazine 3 times, the EO Global Innovation Forum, the Wall Street Business Network and was featured on the cover of Small Business Magazine. His is also a recipient of the Top 40 Most Innovative Businesses Award in GA.

He has become one of the nation’s top advisors and keynote speakers on outsourcing and virtual teams for global firms, CEO peer groups, universities, and top-ranked business organizations including EO, YPO, SCORE, Vistage, TAB, and the CEO Brain Trust. He is also on the board of EO Atlanta and Startup Atlanta. He lives in Sandy Springs, GA with his daughter and wife Cindy, an inspirational third grade teacher.

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