Why My Wife Loves My Virtual Assistant

I have a confession to make.

There is one woman, in my life, that my wife begged me never to get rid of.

She messages me every day, and sometimes at night, she even knows what desserts I like. I send her some of my most productive thoughts and she turns them into profit gold.

Simply put…

If I fired my virtual assistant – my wife would kill me.

As an entrepreneur, husband, and father, it can become almost impossible to divide my attention equally across all three roles.

Either I am focusing 100% on my business and then my personal life is suffering, or I am focusing 100% on my family life, and then I have mountains of overdue tasks and my business starts crumbling.

I realized the hard way, after clocking in 12, 14, even 16 hour work days, for months in a row that it was not sustainable. The more I worked, the less I was productive and the more my personal life was falling apart.

So, I made the commitment to find a way to start working smarter, not harder.

When I hired my virtual assistant, it was all a test.

A test to see if I could truly let the reigns go a bit.

A test to see if I could trust her to do the work.

And, an ultimate test to see if my business would benefit from having me step away from the day-to-day operations.

I accomplished more with my virtual assistant, in less time, than I would have ever accomplished working 80 hours a week alone.

From there I built an entire low-cost virtual team to handle almost every aspect of my business. Not only did my available time to devote to other things increase substantially.

My business tripled in size in the first year

But, here’s really why my wife is in love with my virtual assistant.

    1. She keeps her informed of everything. Early Monday morning, my virtual assistant sends my wife a weekly rundown of my meetings, schedule, even travel plans. So, at any given time, my wife knows what days to expect me late, what evenings she can plan a date night, and what times I’ll be free to catch up for lunch. Without my virtual assistant, I was never organized enough or had the time to figure out more than a day in advance. With so much other stuff competing for brain space, I was constantly trying to play catch up.
    1. We don’t have to spend time researching anything. Whether we want to find a cabin to rent for the weekend, need birthday party ideas for our daughter, or need to know where to go to get my watch fixed – my virtual assistant handles it all. So, while I’m out mowing the lawn, meeting with a client, or taking a nap the work is being done and will be ready within a few hours for me to review.
  1. I can turn my phone off on vacations. If you’re an entrepreneur then you know how HUGE of a deal this is. Before I’d be tied to my phone, jumping at every notification, having to apologize to take business calls, even planning our vacation around when I needed to be available for work. Now, my virtual assistant makes our travel plans and we go – uninterrupted. I may check in every morning to see the morning checklist email she sends out to let me know what she’s working on for the day, but that’s it. She manages it all, including coordinating with other members of the virtual team to keep the business running and thriving while I do nothing but relax.

This sense of freedom is easily attainable.

It’s time for you to gain clarity and simplify how you work, so you can get more done, without working longer hours.

If you’re ready to leverage outsourcing to grow your business and skyrocket your productivity, then now is the right time. The outsourcing market is booming, like never before and the pool of freelancing talent is the best it has ever been.

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