The Entrepreneurs Brain at Night

If you were to tap into the entrepreneur’s brain, at night, trying to fall asleep, it would likely sound something like this…

All the things I didn’t get done today, that needed to be done yesterday, that I probably don’t even have time to do tomorrow, but I have to…

  • Figure out how to get social media up and running
  • Write that blog I should have finished last month
  • Call back the clients that left messages for me three days ago
  • Get through the 103 new emails that are waiting in my inbox
  • Send out the invoices that were due last week
  • Figure out if I have enough cash to cover payroll
  • Research how to do SEO, what it is, and if I can even do it without help
  • Find a personal assistant ASAP to help with all of the above
  • Plan time to take a break…. No that will have to wait

Sound familiar?

Over my 20+ entrepreneurial career, every time I start a business, I go through this same nighttime thought process, inevitably keeping me up all night – just worrying.

The more I worked in my business, the less I actually got done.


Because the things that were keeping me up at night were usually never my strong suits. Had they been I would have knocked them out weeks before. And, as the list of to-do’s kept spiraling out of control, I eventually became paralyzed by the sheer volume of things I had to somehow do in a 24-hour period.

I was stuck. Trying to do everything by myself – and getting not much done.

Outsourcing calmed my racing mind.

I took all the things I hated doing. All of the things that were time drainers on my day and energy drainers on my productivity and I outsourced them.

I started with all of my content writing, so that got the SEO, blogs, press releases and social media pressures off of my plate.

Instantly I had cut my to-do list in half and was able to get more done for literally pennies on the dollar.

Now, I could not only sleep at night, but with an outsourced team in place, my business was literally running 24 hours a day. I didn’t have to worry about the hundreds of emails in my inbox because my virtual assistant for $4/hour handled them as they came in. I didn’t have to lose sleep over trying to find new leads because the data scraper I hired could get me hundreds of vetted leads in 2 days, for under $50. I didn’t have to stress about invoicing or reconciling receipts because I outsourced all of that too.

With outsourcing, I had the support in place to get everything done.

And, this freed up my time to do what I loved and focus solely on growing my business.

Are you staying up at night circling through the dozen to do items you never got to (and won’t have time to)?

Then you have to leverage outsourcing ASAP to get the peace of mind you deserve.

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