Strong Leadership Requires Automation and Delegation

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, some leaders will succeed easily, while others stumble until they fail.

So, the question quickly becomes…

What separates an “okay” leader from a great leader?

It often isn’t their personality, their educational background, or their internal motivation to want to succeed.

It often boils down to their ability to automate and delegate.

Let me explain.

When you start a business, your to-do list is massive and seems to exponentially increase every day.

And, like most entrepreneurs, many startups end up falling short in their first year because the founders try to do everything themselves.

That means the 12-, 14-, 16+ hours spent working in your business is just that… time working in your business and not on your business.

However, highly effective leaders and wildly profitable entrepreneurs are able to automate and delegate on day one.

In other words, they have mastered how to increase their productivity, without increasing the time they have to spend doing the work.

So, how do you get more done, faster?

The answer is rather simple… outsourcing.

When you’re able to assign work to others (delegate) and create the systems to manage that workflow (automate) then you can easily engineer a well-oiled business machine without you having to work more than a traditional workday (or often less!)

That’s because the freelance market is exploding with talent. And, if you ask me, it is the best it has ever been and will only get better.

More and more highly trained, experienced, and often award-winning professionals are choosing to work as freelance contractors, opening up the potential for you to delegate almost every aspect of your business.

That means, instead of slaving hours trying to force yourself to learn code to fix the glitch on your website, you can outsource all of your website maintenance for a fraction of the cost, and to someone who is an expert in their field.

You can even cash in on the time difference and have someone working on your business literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Imagine how much more you can achieve if you have a system like this in place?

The great leaders leverage the resources around them to the max. And, outsourcing is just one of their most powerful weapons.

When you are able to outsource day-to-day tasks to others that are both experienced in getting the work done and reliable, this increases what I call your “mental white space”.

This gives you time to think, to build your business strategy, to go after key business partnerships, and, more importantly, to grow your business.

By outsourcing and delegating to others, you’re finally able to make that shift from working in your business to being able to work on your business.

The key to making this shift happen, starts with you making a decision to release control (even for a little bit) and being willing to consider a new way of running your business.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your leadership game and start tapping into the profit-boosting power that delegating and automating can have on your business, register for our free Masterclass Webinar: Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur.

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