Find Your Focus by Getting a Virtual Assistant

Do you struggle to get things done because you can’t focus?

Or, more importantly, do you have SO much to get done that it becomes almost impossible to focus enough on one thing?

I’ve been there… and it isn’t pretty!

When I started my business, my mind was racing a thousand miles a minute.

I wanted to get my website up and running, I wanted to start networking with other businesses to get more clients, I wanted to create my entire brand strategy, I wanted to start a blog, I wanted to find a way to get more leads… and, as you see… the list went on and on.

I’d start out every morning at 5 am, determined to get through my entire list, only to find by lunchtime, I had done a little of everything, but not nearly enough of one thing to check it off the list.

I’d start writing a blog but then would get distracted by a client call, which led me to research the best CRM apps, which then spiraled me into looking for an article to post on Facebook.

Needless to say, my days were full of a bunch of “half dones”.

I did this for months, getting just enough done to stay afloat, but never enough done to really grow my business.

And before long, I came to a crossroads.

I could keep working 14+ hours a day, giving up my weekends, barely seeing my wife, having to sneak away on vacations to try to get everything done.

Or, I could find a way to get everything done that did not require me to have to focus on 10,000 different tasks every day.

So, I reluctantly turned to outsourcing.

I had heard (and even experienced) the horrors of outsourcing, but I knew something had to give. You may be feeling the exact same way right now.

If I didn’t get reliable help, I would never be able to focus long enough to get my business off the ground.

I took the plunge and have never looked back!

I hired a virtual assistant from the Philippines for $6 an hour. I went into this fully expecting it to be a bust and to go back to working in my business instead of on my business.

But, the exact opposite happened!

I went from having a to-do list on steroids to actually getting everything done, in just 5 hours!

I could go on guilt-free vacations again. I could spend time with my wife and daughter – anytime I wanted. I could even sleep in during the week, if I felt tired.

My virtual assistant had the marketing know-how and training to literally hit the ground running and my business has tripled in under a year!

Now that I’m not tied down with tasks that aren’t my strong suit, I have time to focus on strategy, time to network with business partners, time to even spend developing new products.

I can finally focus on the important things that will explode my business growth.

All because my virtual assistant is handling the day-to-day things so I can work on my business.

If you’re tired of feeling scatterbrained… if you’re frustrated with not being able to check off your to-do list… if you’re ready to regain the time and focus you need to grow your business…

Then you must grab your seat in our free Live Training: 10 Ways to Grow Your Business by Automating and Delegating to Offshore Virtual Assistants for $5 to $7/hr.