Why Entrepreneurs Need A Pulley System

Before I jump into the business aspects of this blog, let’s take a quick history lesson.

The pulley system likely dates back to Archimedes. Desperate to find a quick and efficient way to move heavy war weapons, he created the traditional block and tackle pulley system. Some reports say that with this system in place, Archimedes was able to move an entire warship full of men only using his own strength. Talk about the best way to destroy your competition!

This historical example paints a very accurate present-day picture of just how powerful implementing a “pulley system” in your business can be. Think of it this way…

If you had a way to leverage your own time, to get more done, faster and more efficiently – without exerting any additional effort – would you use it?

That’s exactly why outsourcing is your winning pulley system.

I know because by leveraging outsourcing alone I was able to triple my business growth in under 6 months.

See I was like most entrepreneurs, I was putting in long hours, trying to get everything done. For me, I thought more time spent at work, meant that I was being more productive. But, I was so wrong! Because the more I worked, the less I got done, and the quicker burnout set in.

On a whim, I outsourced my client email follow-ups to a virtual assistant, and then my marketing, then my content writing, and then my graphic design. And within a few months, I had created an entire outsourced, virtual team that was running almost every aspect of my business – without me having to step foot into the office!

I established my own pulley system to skyrocket my business

Back to the pulley example…

Without my outsourced team, I was trying to pull an entire business, using a rope and a system that was not equipped to get the job done.

But, with a proven team in place, I exerted the same (and, in fact, less) effort and was able to literally move mountains within my business.

In other words, I was instantly able to lean on them to lighten my load, so that I had more time (and energy) to start pursuing strategic partnerships, generating more leads, and actually working on my business.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder

As an entrepreneur, you have so much coming at you, from all directions. You’re one person and even though you could (in theory) dedicate more time to one thing or another – why do it if you don’t have to?

The freelance market is the biggest and the most talented it has ever been in history! I’m able to get professionally-written content, award-winning graphic design, even college-educated virtual assistants for a fraction of the cost of hiring just 1 in-house employee.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can outsource and leave more time to do what you love, then I can show you how in my new Masterclass Webinar: Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur. When you attend, I’ll show you exactly how to get started, where to find your own expert virtual team, and the #1 profit-boosting outsourcing secret I only share with my clients.


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