Changing the Lives of American Real Estate Agents With Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

As a commercial or residential real estate agent, your value comes from interacting and networking with clients. The more time you can spend out in the field and meeting with prospective buyers and sellers the better able you are to close the deal.

That’s why the most innovative real estate agents are leveraging the power of outsourcing to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

And, here’s exactly how…

Get work done even when you’re asleep

Have you ever gone to a conference or networking event and wished you had the time to follow-up with newly acquired contacts to set up meetings?

I was in the same boat a few years ago.

I hired a virtual assistant from the Philippines for $5 an hour and she inputted all the contact information from the business cards I had into our CRM, found them on LinkedIn, initiated connections and was able to set up over a dozen new consultation meetings.

It would have taken me weeks, if not over a month, to do the same, and by then, that warm lead would have turned ice cold. Now, I send her an image of the business card, and while I am asleep, she’s getting everything set up to for me to easily reach out the next morning.

Save money while growing your business

Since the minimum wage in the Philippines is $1 an hour, even the most experienced, college-educated virtual assistants charge between $4-$7 per hour. [Note: though this may sound illegally low, for comparison, engineers and lawyers in the Philippines have an average hourly wage of $5.]

At this rate, you get instant access to the most talented business professionals, who are 100% fluent in English, and who can take over your marketing and lead generation on day one.

This way you are putting your time and energy into working on your real estate business, as opposed to working in your real estate business.

When you’re able to effectively delegate tasks, you free up your time to do what you do best and can better position your brand to capture more of your market.

Establish your brand as an industry leader

We worked with a commercial real estate agent and helped him create a lead generation site, get it up and running, and bringing over a hundred leads a week for under $900 – and within 2 weeks.

This would not have been possible without outsourcing and definitely not for what he paid. And, the best part…

Once he was generating leads, his team of virtual assistants handled all of the follow-ups, appointment scheduling, so all he had to do was show up and close the deal.

Plus, with more time and cost-effective resources, you can easily create webinars, courses, white papers and other digital assets to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

But, virtual assistants are just a small portion of the global freelance talent you can tap into when you apply the proven outsourcing strategies from my webinar. [More details to follow]

Because with the right freelance team in place, you can get all of your social media managed for as little as $100 a month, get professional videos done for under $50 each, and even have a book written in weeks by an expert writer, for pennies on the dollar.

If you’re ready to be one of the few real estate agents willing to carve out an unshakable competitive advantage, then you can harness the cost-saving and productivity-boosting power of outsourcing today.

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