Changing The Lives Of American Marketing Agencies With The Power Of Outsourcing And Virtual Marketing Assistants

Changing the Lives of Digital Marketing Agencies With Mastering the Power of Outsourcing to Freelancers and Virtual Assistants

With over 57.3 million freelancers in the United States alone, all market research points to outsourcing as quickly being a key strategy for companies of the future to compete.

And, digital marketing agencies are top on that list.

Leveraging virtual assistants from the Philippines and build out a comprehensive freelance team can prove to be a winning way to increase profits, enhance your product offering, and skyrocket your business productivity.

Whether you need assistance with:

    • Onboarding clients
    • Handling social media
    • Project Management
    • Lead Generation
    • Marketing Reporting
  • Market Research – you name it and an experienced freelancer or virtual assistant can provide this for a fraction of the cost.

Want to tap into a new industry?

A virtual assistant in the Philippines can do all of the necessary market research, including a complete competitor analysis and have the results to you within 2 days, for under $40.

At $4 an hour, you can get a college-educated, highly trained virtual assistant that has marketing expertise.

When you tap into the world of outsourcing and the specific platforms we outline in our free masterclass webinar, you’ll be able to grow a remote team of:

    • Content writers
    • Project managers
    • Social media managers
    • Website and app developers
  • Video producers and editors – and the list goes on…

Why are the rates for Filipino virtual assistants so low?

The minimum wage in the Philippines is $1 an hour. So, even at $4 or $5 an hour, you’re getting unprecedented access to the most talented virtual assistants, who speak fluent English, who many times have a strong marketing background. And, by paying them 4– to 5-times the minimum wage rate, they’re earning a comfortable living, on the level as lawyers and engineers in their country!

I got an email, not too long ago, from a digital marketing agency owner who attended one of my free outsourcing webinars – and he had great news.

They had over 30 active projects (when normally they could only manage a few) and they were able to take on more projects because their team had a diverse set of skills that was unmatched.

Plus, you can get the same work you would charge clients thousands for done for under $400.

That means you can start cashing in today on the highest profits you’ve ever seen!

And, here’s the biggest kicker… I’ve spent a lot of time doing speaking engagements, and I’ve only found a handful of digital marketing agencies who are actually leveraging outsourcing to its full potential.

So, if you know what to do today to get your outsourced team in place, you could easily carve out a fair share of the market – without ever adding more work on your plate.

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