Changing Chiropractors’ Lives with Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants

I recently spoke at a consulting conference to over a hundred chiropractors and I was amazed to learn that many of them had not thought about how leveraging outsourcing could revolutionize their business.

Whether you’re new to the industry, just finished your school, or an established chiropractor in your community, outsourcing can help you take your business to new levels, so you can focus solely on providing the best patient experience.

Virtual assistants are much more affordable and attainable than you may imagine. In fact, not only are virtual assistants from the Philippines impeccably fluent in English, many of them are both college-educated and have advanced training as online business managers. And, for just $4 to $7** an hour, you can get the administrative, marketing, and operational support you need to get everything done.

**Now, I know this would be borderline illegal in the United States. But, that’s the beauty of tapping into the global freelance market. The minimum wage in the Philippines is $1 an hour, so even at $5 an hour, Filipino virtual assistants are making 5x the minimum wage and earning as much as engineers, lawyers, and nurses in their country. Simply put, you can maximize your cost savings, increase your business output, and also provide your virtual assistant with a very comfortable and lucrative lifestyle.

Maximize your current locations

If you have one or a few locations, the key is to continue to attract new patients. Finding the time to aggressively market to stand out from the competition, while also servicing your patients can be challenging, even for the most organized chiropractor.

An experienced virtual assistant can manage all of your marketing needs, including, but not limited to: SEO/keyword research, social media postings/engagement, video production, content/blog writing, press releases, patient newsletters, patient follow-up and outreach initiatives, even collecting patient testimonials for your website or online review platforms.

With a virtual assistant in place, you’ll be able to focus on exactly what you love doing: helping your patients stay happy and healthy.

Expand your practice to new locations

Adding on new locations generally takes 5-10 years. You want to have the resources in place and the operational infrastructure running smoothly at your current location first, before deciding to branch out.

However, by leveraging the cost savings power that a Filipino virtual assistant can provide, chiropractors are able to dramatically reduce the time to expand by years!

In fact, we worked with an Atlanta-based chiropractor, new to the industry. We helped him source the best virtual team of assistants to manage his marketing, market research, and day-to-day administrative tasks such as responding to emails, following up on consultation visits, and identifying strategic partnerships in the community.

Within a few months of having this remote team in place, he was able to open a new location. And, in under a year, he has opened 4 additional sites in Georgia, one in South Carolina.

Are you a new chiropractor looking to carve out an unshakable competitive advantage and unlock one of the most proven ways to instantly grow your business?

Are you an established practice actively seeking strategies to outpace the competition, attract more patients, and free up your time to provide the highest quality care?

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