Agility Is Critical for Entrepreneurs | Part 1

In business, being able to adapt and evolve quickly is key to the success of your business. With so much disruption, in every industry, as a small business, you often do not have the luxury of staying stagnant.

And, as the barriers of entry to starting (and growing) a business continue to decrease, competitors can and will come from all directions.

You’ve heard the classic and tragic stories of big companies like Kodak and Blockbuster who were not agile enough to withstand market disruptors.

Staying agile is critical for your business growth.

Gone are the days of being able to take 6 months to a year to launch a new idea. Instead, you have to start putting systems and teams in place that can quickly analyze a business opportunity and make an informed decision in weeks, if not days.

Big corporations that have the infrastructure and staff on hand to divvy out research and market analysis can get this done.

But, for entrepreneurs and small businesses leveraging outsourcing is key.

Outsourcing allows you to be more agile than ever.

You can get the tools and resources you need within a few hours to be able to instantaneously evolve, all at low-cost.

The market information you need to evaluate a new business opportunity has never been easier to get.

Within a few days, and under a few hundred dollars, you can have a complete competitor analysis done, get thousands of prospective email addresses for customers, and even get all of the marketing materials of your competitors.

What would have taken you weeks and over 100 hours to do yourself, you can have done within a weekend – for pennies on the dollar.

Outsourcing takes strategy.

The goal to truly leverage outsourcing is rooted in knowing how to outsource and where to look for top freelance talent.

Building a remote team of outsourcers now is key to being able to quickly validate business ideas and stay agile in any industry.

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