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Entreholic Addictive Tools - SaneBox

How many emails do you have in your inbox right now?

If you’re like us, it may be a few dozen (or hundreds) more than you want.

With hundreds of new emails hitting your inbox every day, getting through them all can seem impossible. Even worse, digging through them all to find the one email you need to respond to takes precious time out of your already crazy schedule.

Good news! We found the best email management tool you cannot go another day without.

Next time you check your email, check it with…

Addictive Tool Name: SaneBox

Product Boosting Category: Productivity


What’s the deal?

With SaneBox you can quickly filter through your emails in seconds and find the most important emails for you to read and respond to. SaneBox’s powerful algorithms filter unimportant email out of your inbox, so you can focus on what matters. You can also schedule emails and send them later. Plus, with SanBox’s No Replies feature, you can be reminded when your contacts have not responded to important emails. With no downloads required, you can start using SanBox within minutes on your computer or mobile devices.

How much does it cost?

Try it out for free for 14 days, then plans start as low as $7 per month.

You’ll be amazed at how much time you can save. Talk about an instant stress reliever! What other email management tools have you used and love? Share your must-have tools with us on Facebook!

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