Redefining How Work Gets Done:

How the Global Network of On-Demand, Low-Cost Virtual Workers is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship

We hope you enjoy checking out the list of tools and resources below. As you can imagine, we do have partnerships with some of the companies we recommend because we use them ourselves every day! 

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Enjoy Our List of Tools, Books and Podcasts from the Presentation

Two Top Books That Changed the Game for Me
Book TitleBook Website
Dot Com secrets (The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online..)
Expert Secrets (Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World…)
Top Tools for Finding and Managing Virtual Workers
Outsourcing Platform –
Outsourcing Platform –
Outsource Access (Our Platform for Sourcing Highly Vetted Virtual Assistants in the Philippines)
People Per
Marketing Automation Tool and
Password Management and Sharing with
Screencasting – Screencast O
See Your Competitors Online Marketing, Google Adwords, etc (SpyFu)
Records Visitor Activity (Their Actual Mouse Movements!) On Your
Other Tools
Brief DescriptionWeb Address
Animated Video
Automated Appointment
Automated Hand Written
Automated Hand Written
Email / Marketing
Email / Marketing
Email / Marketing
Email / Marketing
Email / Marketing Automation
Free Press Release
Graphic Design
Graphic Design – Licensed
Human Resources (Free DISC Test)
Mobile Optimization
News / Digital Public Relations (PR)
Opt In Software
Opt In
Screen Capture
Social Media Management
Social Media
Spy on Your
Video Hosting
Social Media Marketer Podcast
Marketing Secrets Podcast

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