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Take your business into the next decade with
the low-cost, on-demand virtual workforce

“I didn’t even know it was possible to get virtual assistants this talented for $5 an hour to do our admin and follow-up tasks. The impact is going to be over $200,000 to the bottom line with cost savings and additional revenue opportunities created.” – Christian Dodder, Fire Protection Services

“Before attending this seminar we were going to spend nearly $30,000 on the marketing to launch a new product. We learned how to get it done for $3,100…and twice as fast.” – Sam Fuchs, President, iCare Financial

“We have already begun to outsource some projects and have seen fantastic results. We got an entire market analysis done for $150 in one week. Just incredible.” – Larry Allen, VP of Marketing, ExploreFLO

“We are now able to move 10 times faster on projects that had taken a back seat due to not having enough time or resource.” – Meenal Vashishat, CEO, Inspire Into Results

“I was blown away by the usefulness of this seminar. Along with the savings, the speed with which my teams can get projects completed is amazing.” – Ken Robbins, CEO, Response Mine Health

A seismic “work revolution” is upon us. Early adopters are gaining an unfair advantage and outsmarting their competition. Are you one of them?

Startups to Fortune 100 companies are outsourcing work to the “instant gig global economy.” On-demand freelancers and firms perform work that once cost thousands of dollars for only a few hundred – and in half the time.

The cost savings, high quality and speed of execution are remarkable.

What types of work? Digital marketing, sales and lead generation, back office operations, customer service, market research, video development, financial modeling, business plan development, HR – and more.

Direct experience from workshop attendees:

  • A $10,000 company website for $400 in two weeks
  • Full time, college-educated, experienced virtual assistants for under $1,000 a month
  • SEO to drive website traffic for $400/month (agency quote: $5,000/month)
  • 50-slide market research presentation in 7 days for $170
  • 1,000 targeted leads “datascraped” in 3 days for $120
  • Recruiting and resume screening by a former HR executive for $12 an hour
  • 1000 lead generation outbound calls for $400

A few more….

  • Blog posts and press releases: $12 each
  • Animated corporate video in 5 days: $87
  • LinkedIn profile management, gaining 1,000 connections: $100
  • Macro-enabled Excel financial models and forecasts in 3 days: $200
  • Social media marketing services: $150 a month

How is this possible? Millions of trained professionals in the U.S. and worldwide are accessible at a click of your mouse. With minimal overhead, they deliver high quality work at very low cost― and fast.

“By 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. This on-demand work, instant gig economy is moving more and more into independent professionals using mobile and technology to create ecosystems of work they enjoy.” – Brian Rashid, Forbes Magazinez

About the Workshop Presenter

Brad Stevens is the Founder and CEO of Entreholic, an organization committed to helping businesses embrace highly innovative and low cost ways to grow their business by leveraging time, money and a creative mindset using global, virtual teams. The firm produces educational content including the Top 200 Tools to Fuel Your Business Growth, provides advisory services and built a state-of-the-art online education platform called Expert Outsource Training.

As a lifetime entrepreneur, he has helped build multiple 7 figure businesses in domestic and international markets within several industries including physical products, eCommerce and professional services.

Brad also serves on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) where he co-chairs the Accelerator Program that was rated as the organization’s fastest growing program in the world in 2015. For his work with startups to $100 million businesses, he has been featured in Inc Magazine, Octane Magazine and the EO Global Innovation Forum along with multiple podcasts including the Wall Street Business Network. Brad was featured on the cover of Small Business Magazine and is a past winner of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia award. He is a sought after speaker by business organizations, CEO Peer Groups, and Fortune 500 firms. Most recently, he was elected to the board of Startup Atlanta, an organization commissioned by the mayor to support the city’s business ecosystem.” Brad lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, an inspirational third grade teacher, and their two year old daughter Ella.