The Parts of Life That Crush You As an Entrepreneur

As the entrepreneur, you are the center of your business machine.

From closing sales, to bringing in new leads, to managing social media (if you have time), to operating the day-to-day of the business – you are it all.

For the most part, this jack of all trades type mentality works well, until it doesn’t work at all.

How do you manage everything when the unexpected happens?

A family member gets sick, your children have an emergency, or you even have a sudden illness. Juggling your business on top of life events is virtually impossible.

And, even with planned absences or vacations, not attending to your business for a few days means you’re coming back to hundreds of emails, phone calls, missed deadlines – you name it.

The amount of responsibility on you, as the entrepreneur can be crippling. It can take away from your work-life balance almost immediately and leave you strapped to your phone, your computer, to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I got tired of working myself to death so I…

I changed my perspective. When I couldn’t take a vacation in peace, without checking emails and sneaking to make business calls, I realized there must be a better way.

I needed a better way to grow my business and still be able to have the energy (and time) to enjoy my life.

Outsourcing gave me my time back

When I came to the understanding that I could not do it all. And, in fact, there were many things in my business that I was doing, but I was not doing them well. I simply couldn’t with at least 25 other things that needed my attention.

So, I started to build a virtual team.

I identified five tasks that needed to be done every day that took up a lot of my time. They were standard tasks that could easily be delegated and that’s exactly what I did.

I hired a virtual assistant and a few other freelance professionals.

Within 2 weeks, I finally had time to enjoy my morning cup of coffee without my phone ringing. I was home well before the sun went down – every day. I got my life back and my business thrived because I had the time to focus on growing my business.

My story isn’t unique.

The most successful entrepreneurs are able to leverage the amazing time-saving and productivity-boosting power that outsourcing can offer to master how to work smarter, not harder.

Here’s the best part…

Outsourcing doesn’t take thousands of dollars to do. If you do it right you can outsource work to highly-skilled, degreed, proven professionals for as little as $5 per hour. That’s time that you get to focus on other things, all the while knowing that your business is running on its own in the background.

The peace of mind you can gain by building your own virtual team is well worth the investment.

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