Create an Entire Business Plan at a Cost of $170

Brad shows how entrepreneurs can easily outsource the creation of an entire business plan at a cost of $170. Want to learn how to outsource everything in your business? Click here to register for our online masterclass: The Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur.

Full Video Transcription

There’s this guy on Fiverr and again I know all of us have businesses right but frankly there are opportunities to revisit if you’re launching a new division or revisiting a market.

You can go on here and this guy has done 1200 of these things on Fiverr. And he does everything, executive summary, marketing analysis, competetive analysis, SWOT. There’s full financial forecasting. He has some questions as part of the process to build this.

But he’s built a team remotely that do nothing but business plans for people all over the world all the time. So he starts aggregating. There’s only so many donut shops and certain urban market metro areas that the data isn’t similar.

He does it in 22 days for 170 bucks. An entire business plan. Again 85% rule, is this something you’re gonna print and bring to a bank? Probably not. But for 170 bucks and the ratings that he’s gottten.

You can get someone to analyze a new market that you’re going into or evaluate. They’re just gonna aggregate and pull a bunch of stuff together that maybe you didn’t know or see.