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Meenal shares how leveraging a group of highly-talented, low-cost, college-educated virtual assistants has helped her improve her business. Do you want to increase growth in your business by leveraging a global network of the highly talented on-demand virtual workforce? Download our FREE guide here: Full Video Transcription

I’m a mindset coach and I work with people to kind of elevate their game.

So do I work with two really powerful VA’s and that just made my company progress at a rapid speed. I used to come to my office and because I’m a mindset coach I have to do a lot of content marketing. I was like something needs to change and I was so glad to have brought a lot of things changed for a starter. There’s so much that needs to be done. And if you’re a one man army it doesn’t work all that well. When I got my VA, all my projects that were sitting dormant for so many years just started getting done. Within one month me and my two virtual assistants, we knocked it out. I’m able to now go to my niche again with Brad I was able to specify what’s the niche that I’m going to target. You’re more focused and focus is key. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere and it had been 10 months and I had a specific goal like my year 2019. I wanted to touch at least 2000 families and I was not getting anywhere. I didn’t have a website yet. I didn’t have enough time so that I would go up there and do my seminars. All the tools that Brad has helped me in so many places. If you sit down just to do social media marketing you know hours are gone by and you really haven’t accomplished much. Now here comes Brad and his workshop is like oh yeah I use buffer what’s buffer. And he’s like well you can put all your social media over the click of a button. I have never been to a workshop where anybody delivers so much value. Brad. I think he doesn’t believe in keeping anything back. He shares everything and he over delivers. His energy is so positive and beautiful and I think every business needs that.

So I was like I need to work with this guy.

My major thing for when I left my job as I wanted to spend time with my family and I wasn’t able to do that. My mission for my work in my business is more than me. But I wasn’t able to get anything done and that was being very frustrating for me. I now learned the power of the internet and leveraging my presence that way. To have no revenue for 10 months. And right after that you’re now going into not only getting revenues but you’re making profits.

That just speaks for itself. I love to do what I do. My work serves people far beyond their own knowledge and this is something that fuels me every single day. I know that I do really well every day but I know tomorrow is going to be even better. The people I work with I get their gratitude all the time. And there is no feeling better than that.