How to Get a Virtual Assistant to Manage 80% of Your Email

Brad speaks to a room of Atlanta Entrepreneurs about how his Virtual Assistant now manages 80% of his email! Want to learn how to outsource everything in your business? Click here to register for our online masterclass: The Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur.

Full Video Transcription

Email, right. I saw this picture and I was like, yes! That is the picture I’m gonna pick.

Cause that’s exactly what it feels like. It’s like Ahhhhhhh!

Which still feels like that even having a VA sometimes I even outstrip her keeping up with my email. But that’s one of the biggest things I’ve had her do is managing my inbox.

In Gmail, you can set people up so they can actually manage not full administrative rights so she can receive and review my email and respond as herself with from within my inbox.

In Gmail specifically, because they know that people have VAs and so forth to do that.

So, I just setup literally a folder: Urgent Review, Unsure and Non-urgent Review. I set all these things categorized and so forth then I spend half of my time going through all these folders and overcategorizing it.

I just got to the point Urgent review, unsure and non-urgent. Like Amazon order confirmation emails and things of that nature.