Complete a Marketing Guide in 2 Days and For $26!

Brad relates how you can have a complete marketing guide written, designed and delivered for only $26 in just 2 days! Want to learn how to outsource everything in your business? Click here to register for our online masterclass: The Secret Growth Weapons of the Modern Entrepreneur.

Full Video Transcription

Again, you’re never surprised by what you can get done. Long story short, there was a guy in the pet industry. He wanted to go after owners of dog walking businesses.

So we needed to quickly get written a guide about how to market and grow your dog walking business as a giveaway item for an email campaign

So, I went on Fiverr and saw somebody who was passionate about dogs. They can write a marketing book about how to grow and market your dog walking business and that’s it.

Somebody went on, within two days got it back. Two days and for 26 dollars. I got this thing written, designed and delivered.

All of it. It was a great written piece.