Fire Protection Services

Christian Dodder relates how they are able to optimize business operation by using the services of a virtual assistant. Do you want to increase growth in your business by leveraging a global network of the highly talented on-demand virtual workforce? Download our FREE guide here:

Full Video Transcription

My name is Christian Dodder. I own a company called fire protection services. We specialize in inspection service and maintenance. Right now we’re supporting about 2000 buildings.

Brad’s sort of well known in our industry as someone that helps people think differently and grow their business and I just decided to give him a try. Being an entrepreneur for 20 years I’m always trying to get to do more. To do more things that cost less money and this fits exactly into that wheelhouse. These people can do far more and cost far less than. A traditional employee. I’ve taken the first step to hire a virtual assistant. To help me with some administrative tasks that my management team was burdened with.

But I’m looking forward to helping out other departments. Maybe someone specific in sales or marketing or project management.

Because the benefits can reverberate throughout the entire company. So. I’m looking forward to taking this first step was so successful. Looking forward to finding out what else is out there. Traditionally our growth was fueled through increased sales and then we would source and hire folks to either administer the business or deliver the services. But this allowed me to think differently where we can utilize other folks. That would be sort of off outsourced or offshore that might have different skills.

Obviously huge economic benefits but now we can grow a lot faster because the people are available and they’re out there looking for projects. This was the first step that I’ve decided to take with Brad.

He has a whole host of suggestions and solutions and I’m really excited to find out what some of these other benefits are. One specific example the biggest benefit is the most. The first step we took with a virtual assistant was for her to go through and reconcile our G.P.S. reports against our time sheets because we have a number of folks out in the field G.P.S. enabled on their trucks and we want to make sure that the time they’re reporting is consistent with where their vehicle was. So instead of my director of operations coming in Monday morning and spending the first half of his day reconciling reports, we show up Monday morning and our virtual assistant for the cost of five dollars an hour has gone through everything over the weekend and it’s ready there for us to look at the reports approved the time and get on with the week’s tasks. Had a rough look at the numbers and when you combine the benefits of not having to spend time on the administrative tasks with. Spending more time on the revenue generating activities the benefits are well into the six figures.

Probably approaching two hundred thousand dollars per year.