Boiling Frogs and Entrepreneurs

Do you know what boiling frogs and entrepreneurs have in common?

The story goes something like this…

If you sit a frog in a pot of cool water and slowly turn up the temperature, the frog will never jump out of the pot. Instead, they’ll sit there, where they are comfortable and eventually boil to death.

So how does this relate to entrepreneurs?

Look at it this way…

When you launch your business, you’re doing a thousand things at once. From establishing the official business framework, to building out the website, to marketing to get customers – you have lots of tasks you’re juggling. You’re in the pot of cool water.

And, then the temperature goes up.

But with dozens of tasks that you have to do each week, you notice it is getting a little warm, but you’re committed to making your business work.

So, you put in longer hours, you take work everywhere you go, you may even start rearranging your personal life to fit in more work.

You start to feel the heat, but you ignore the warning signs and keep going.

And, then the temperature goes up.

Now, you may have spent more of your savings than you initially anticipated, the customers aren’t coming as fast as you need them, and maybe your starting to burn out.

Little by little, you know something isn’t right – but you’re committed to seeing the business flourish and will not give up.

And, then the temperature goes up.

Before long, you’re the boiling frog who has ignored all of the warning signs and are now seemingly stuck in a dire situation.

So, how do we, as entrepreneurs get into this predicament?

The simple answer often is procrastination.

We put off things, ignore the red flags within our business that something is amiss.

Instead of tackling the issues head-on, we may wait to see how things pan out or may feel like we lack the resources to fix it and grow our business.

Outsourcing can keep you out of hot water.

I, personally, know that feeling of being getting stuck in boiling water and feeling like everything was too much to manage.

No matter if I was clocking in 12-, 14-, or even 18 hours every day, my productivity was inevitably flatlining and my business was suffering.

I knew the water was getting hot and I needed to make a change or risk my business failing – and failing fast.

And, that was the day I decided to make the best decision of my life.

I took the plunge and started outsourcing.

Within a week of hiring my first freelancer, I had gotten nearly everything on my to-do list done – which was a rare occurrence for me.

The next week, I had more time to actually reach out to leads that my freelancer found.

And, by the end of the month, I had made back what I paid the freelancer and even more!

Now, some six years later, my business is thriving and I am getting more done than I ever imagined.

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