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Do you want to have the ability to create then maintain a meaningful relationship with your clients? Do you want to become the company that your customers want you to be? What do you do to make this scalable in your business? This could sound complicated but believe it or not it is easy with the help of a great customer support software called Zendesk.

Zendesk can facilitate customer interaction across many channels such as phone, chat, email, social media and many more. It offers a lot of products that have powerful features that can help your business improve your support operations.

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Addictive Tool Name: Zendesk

Product Boosting Category: Cloud-Based Customer Service Application


What’s the deal?

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service application that can help you and your business solve customer problems faster. In its very basic form, it is a ticketing system. Your customer can submit tickets through different channels which could be email or even social media. Aside from ticket management, Zendesk also has its self-service online support which you can customize for maximum use for your customers, for instance, community guidelines. It can also provide you with real-time analytical reports and one of its best features is its ability to integrate with other platforms such as Salesforce.

Zendesk is more than just a ticketing system it enables your business to handle your customer relationship management strategy in a more streamlined manner by integrating all your applications into one place!

Cost: The platform different packages/products that you can choose from depending on your needs but the most basic package starts from $5 – $199 per agent, per month. The best part about this package is that it offers a free trial. Visit their website for more information on their pricing.

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