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Do you manage a team? If so, do you want to increase the productivity of your team? I bet the answer is definitely yes. So let me tell you a little secret. One way to increase the overall productivity of your team members is through monitoring. 

You might wonder how you can do that, especially if you have remote team members. How can you monitor a person from the other side of the world? The answer is simple – Time Doctor.

Sounds interesting right? If you want to know more then read on and discover the wonders that Time Doctor can offer! 


Addictive Tool Name: Time Doctor

Product Boosting Category: Time tracking and productivity tool


What’s the deal?

Time doctor is time tracking and productivity tool which basically increases the productivity of your team members through its 5 main features. First, is through task tracking. This feature tracks the total amount of time a person does a task. Second, is through tracking keyboard and mouse activity. If a computer is not being used while the timer is running it will send an idle prompt so you know when a team member is using the computer or not. 


Third, it can take intermittent screenshots that you can access to check of they are doing any type of prohibited activity during working hours. Fourth, is the web and app tracking which send reports on how much time a team member spends on a particular site or app. Lastly, webcam shots, though this is optional and the person who is using Time Doctor will receive a notification if this feature is in use.


With these features and the data you can gather you can monitor and help your team members increase their overall performance that not only benefits them but the whole company as well. So what are you waiting for? Check it out now!


Cost: You can start using time doctor for only $9.99/user per month and the good thing is you can avail their 14-day trial first!

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