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Do you want your teams to get organized and work smarter? Do you want to save time and reduce stress through effective communication? If your answer is yes, then you need to download the application called Slack immediately.

Communication is very vital in every organization and especially in today’s business world where many companies have become less centralized. One company could have different offices across the globe, have freelancers, and employees that work at different time zones.

As a communication tool, Slack has been able to address the gap that cannot be addressed by traditional communication platforms such as emails.

Addictive Tool Name: Slack

Product Boosting Category: Project Management Software


What’s the deal?

Slack is a cloud-based application comprised of team collaboration tools, which is mainly used for daily communication between team members. It is sometimes called a collaboration hub for work where conversations take place and shared information is always at your fingertips.

Slack has three main strong points which are channels, search, and integration. Channels are specific chat boxes created for specific projects wherein the members can be customized. You can also easily search the channels or conversations for specific information or files using the search bar. Lastly, slack can work with your existing tools such as google drive.

Thus, it can even be said that with Slack, you and your team members can be better connected!

Cost: The application is free for small teams and for bigger teams the price starts at $6.67

per active user, per month which is billed annually, for monthly billing it starts at $8 per active user.

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