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Storing data is one of the most valid concerns of every organization in today’s business world. It is also a common practice for these businesses to share a single account between individuals. It is advised that the login credentials are limited only to the necessary individuals, in order to lessen the risk of having the information compromised. However, there are instances wherein employees that need to have this information are changed which could also pose a threat.

As a business owner, how can you make sure that you can protect your data in the best way that you could without hindering the effectivity of your team? This may be a very complex concern but it can be answered simply through, LastPass.

LastPass is a password management tool that allows you the capability of sharing your passwords and login credentials with minimal risks. The most notable thing about this tools is that you can allow another user to log in to a specific site even without sharing the actual password.

Addictive Tool Name: LastPass

Product Boosting Category: Password Management Tool


What’s the deal?

LastPass, as stated, is a password management tool. It provides a centralized way of managing passwords and it can either give or limit the access to the exact login credentials without hindering the ability of the users to access the necessary platforms. Aside from this LastPass can help you generate passwords that are not easy to guess which could add another layer of protection for your data. Lastly, LastPass is cloud-based so you can have access to the necessary information everywhere you are and anytime you want.

LastPass can definitely help you solve your headache on how to protect data.

Cost: The platform’s monthly subscription starts at $2 for only one user and for more than five users it could cost $6 per user.

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