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Are you currently struggling with building a reliable email list? If this applies to you then we are very happy to let you know that we have the solution just for you!

Email addresses is the bread and butter for most small to big businesses. This evident most of the time, especially since we are now in the age of online marketing and outreach. So for most marketers like you having a reliable email list could mean more sales. Now, you might ask how you can acquire a reliable email list?

This is where Hunter comes in. Read on and discover the wonders that Hunter can offer!


Addictive Tool Name: Hunter

Product Boosting Category: Email Scraping Service



What’s the deal?


If you are new or a veteran to online marketing, you must know that the prospecting stage during the outreach stage of your campaign is critical to your business. Hunter is an email scraping service that can help you in this stage of the process. 


Hunter has three main features which is domain search which can help you find the email address of a company. Email finder, which can help you find an email of a professional. Finally, it can work as an email verifier. Another bonus feature that can be helpful is its ability to send out cold email campaigns. It works by searching for the email addresses that can be found on the website that you input in its search bar. 


With these features Hunter can be considered as a “must-have” marketers like you. So what are you waiting for? Try Hunter now!


Cost: Hunter offers a free package that allows you to make 50 requests and send out cold email campaigns. However, if you want to access more features you can opt in for their paid packages that starts at $49/month.

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