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As business owners there is no lack of documents that needs your approval and signatures such as contract signings or invoices. Now let me ask a question are you still printing out these documents that needs your signature and signing them before scanning these documents and sending them out to their recipients? 

If your answer is yes, then you are in luck! You no longer have to deal with this time and effort consuming process just to get your signature affixed in a document. The answers to your questions and requests have come through the form of HelloSign.

So check out HelloSign and start signing documents in seconds!


Addictive Tool Name: HelloSign

Product Boosting Category:  Web-based Signature Tool


What’s the deal?

HelloSign is a web-based e-signature tool that allows you to affix your signature on an electronic document. This tool has a drag and drop feature wherein you can simply upload your documents. In order to start you need to first upload an electronic copy of your signature, simply insert it on the documents that needs your signature, select the recipient and hit send. Aside from this you can also use HelloSign to get a signature from another person online. 


The best thing about this tool is not its straightforwardness but because these e-signatures are legally binding! So start sending and collecting signatures quicker and close deals faster. Check out HelloSign now!


Cost: You can start using HelloSign free of charge but if you want to gain access to more features you can check out the different versions of their products and pricing which starts at $13/month on their website.

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