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Have you successfully launched your business’ social media page? That sounds exciting! Now, the challenge is how can you keep your fans happy by providing them with great content.

Content is king! And a video is one of the best ways of communicating your message but it could cost you time and money. Everyone simply cannot afford to hire a digital agency for every video they post. So, we thought there must be a better way.

Good thing is that you can now generate videos from existing audio files, articles, webinars and even business presentations all in one platform.  
Create content smarter and move things faster with this simple tool…

Addictive Tool Name: Headliner

Product Boosting Category: Video Editor


What’s the deal?
Headliner is a web-based content creation platform specifically designed for social media. The app allows you to create video transcriptions, long-form clips from audio, AI-generated video from articles and even provides full-blown video editing features that will allow creating any video content. You can also export the final output into various formats including LANDSCAPE (best for Youtube and websites), SQUARE (best for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), and PORTRAIT (best for Instagram stories and Snapchat.) What’s great is you don’t need to install any application for it to run on your computer. You just need to head to the website, create an account then you’ll be ready to go.

Cost:  It’s 100% free of charge! Don’t believe us? Check here: Headliner Pricing

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