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Your employees’ work and skills enable your company to keep running. Thus, understanding your employees is an essential step that you need to do. This is also vital for you to create a team that can work harmoniously. If you create a team that is not only based on their capabilities but also with an understanding of their personalities, it is guaranteed that you will be able to create the absolute dream team!

So how can we make sure that we thoroughly understand and bring out the best out of them?

Cloverleaf may be the answer to that particular question. It is a performance management tool that can help you better build and manage your team.

Addictive Tool Name: Cloverleaf

Product Boosting Category: Performance Management Tool


What’s the deal?

Cloverleaf is a performance management tool that enables an individual to understand their personality and the other people that belongs to the same team which helps in the team dynamics in the long run. This is an app that works by gathering vital information about each team member through a battery of tests where the results would indicate their personality traits. It can then transforms into visuals that help you understand each member and how your teams interact and react towards each other.

Not only does his tool give you results, but it also provides insights. it is Cloverleaf’s goal to help cross-map your employees’ personality, traits, and culture, and provide you insights so that you can be guided on how to make decisions for your team.

Cost: The starting price is not stated on their website, however, the platform provides a free trial.

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