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Do you want to have more interactions with your audience? Are tired of not getting immediate feedback from your audience when you are streaming live? If you are, then this article is just right for you.

As a business owner you know that real time communication is one of the greatest inventions to date which enables businesses to foster relationship and trust with their targeted audience. There are other modes of communication but one that can easily gain the heart of your audience is immediate feedback.

For instance, you are doing a live stream event, one way you can have your interact with you is through live chatting but some streaming platforms does not allow for this. So what can you do? Simple, install and embed Chartoll! If you are interested then read on.


Addictive Tool Name: Chatroll

Product Boosting Category: Real-time Chat Platform



What’s the deal?


Chatroll is a real-time chat platform that you embed on your site or app. Once you have enabled Chatroll you audience can easily log in and interect with you and other audience as well. This platform essentially fosters engagement that can keep your audience coming back for more since the response is immediate. 


So how does this work? One you have your chatroll account you can easily customize your chat window to fit your brand. Afterwards you can easily embed it in your site and start chatting. Chatroll offers multiple login options such as logging in through a Facebook acount or logging in using account. Chatroll can also work with multiple live streaming platforms such as Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch. As a creator you also have a full control over the chat room. For instance, you can display pinned messages for important announcements.


Basically, Chatroll is a great alternative for the common comments boxes found on your websites and it can offer more features and flexibility. Sounds great right? So what are you waiting for? Check out Chatroll now!


Cost: The best thing about this platform is that you can start using it for free. But if you want access to more features you can start by purchasing their Chatroll Pro package for $19/month for 50 users.

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